On a typical Wednesday morning, a small community in Texas was rocked by the news that a child had been kidnapped from their local elementary school. The parents of the child were beside themselves with worry and the community as a whole was on high alert, everyone was on the lookout for the kidnapper.

The police were called immediately and they quickly sprang into action. They began their investigation by interviewing witnesses, gathering surveillance footage, and collecting any other evidence they could find. But despite their best efforts, they were unable to identify the kidnapper.

That was when they called in the experts, a certified facial composite designer. This professional, who holds the FACES Certification, is trained in the latest techniques and technology for creating accurate and detailed composite sketches of suspects.

The certified facial composite designer met with the witnesses who had seen the kidnapper and was able to gather detailed descriptions of the perpetrator's facial features, including their hair color, eye shape, and other unique characteristics. Using this information, the designer was able to create a composite sketch of the kidnapper.

The composite sketch was then released to the public and distributed to the media. It was quickly picked up by a local news station and broadcast on the evening news. And it was not long before a tip came in, a neighbor had seen someone matching the description and composite sketch, and he was able to give the police a name and address of the suspect.

The police were able to quickly track down the suspect and rescue the child. The kidnapper was arrested and charged with the crime. The child was reunited with their parents and the community could breathe a sigh of relief.

This story is a powerful example of how a certified facial composite designer can make a real difference in solving crimes and bringing criminals to justice. The composite sketch created by the designer was a crucial piece of evidence that helped the police identify and apprehend the kidnapper. And it is a testament to the importance of having professionals with the right skills and knowledge working on cases like this.

Facial composite design is a difficult and challenging field, but with the right training and certification, professionals like the one in this story are able to make a real difference in the fight against crime. And the FACES Certification program is an excellent way for individuals to gain the knowledge and skills they need to become a certified facial composite designer and make a real impact in their community.