As crime rates in Michigan continue to rise in major cities like Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint, local law enforcement agencies are turning to advanced technology to help identify suspects and solve crimes. One such technology is FACES Pro, a software program that allows users to create detailed composite sketches of suspects based on eyewitness descriptions.

But simply having access to FACES Pro is not enough; in order to produce the most accurate and effective composite sketches, it is crucial that the user is trained and certified in its use. That's where the Certified Facial Composite Designer (CFCD) certification comes in.

In Detroit, where violent crime has seen a significant increase in recent years, the Detroit Police Department has been utilizing the expertise of CFCD-certified officers to create detailed composite sketches of suspects. These sketches have been instrumental in solving a number of high-profile cases, including the murder of a local business owner and the robbery of a downtown bank.

In Grand Rapids, the Grand Rapids Police Department has also been using FACES Pro and CFCD-certified officers to great effect. In one case, a composite sketch created using FACES Pro and the expertise of a CFCD-certified officer led to the arrest of a suspect in a series of burglaries.

Similarly, in Flint, the Flint Police Department has been utilizing the skills of CFCD-certified officers to create composite sketches of suspects in a variety of crimes, from armed robbery to sexual assault. These sketches have been used to identify and arrest suspects, and have played a critical role in bringing closure to victims and their families.

The success of FACES Pro and CFCD certification in these major cities is a testament to the power of technology and training in the fight against crime. As crime rates continue to rise in Michigan, it is more important than ever for local law enforcement agencies to invest in the tools and training necessary to keep communities safe.

By obtaining a FACES Pro license and CFCD certification, Michigan residents are not only helping to protect their own communities, but also demonstrating a commitment to excellence and professionalism in the field of criminal investigation. It is a smart investment for those who are passionate about helping the community and making a difference in the fight against crime.