When it comes to solving crimes, every piece of evidence counts. In San Bernardino, California, one of the most notorious cases in recent history was finally cracked thanks to the use of a facial composite created with FACES, a powerful facial composite software.

The case in question was the brutal murder of a local businessman, whose body was found in a remote area outside of the city. Despite an intense investigation and the collection of DNA and other physical evidence, the police were unable to identify a suspect. That is, until they turned to FACES.

FACES is a cutting-edge software that allows law enforcement agencies to create highly detailed and accurate facial composites of suspects. The software uses a variety of advanced algorithms and techniques to generate a composite that closely resembles the suspect's true appearance.

In this particular case, the police used FACES to create a composite based on the victim's description of the suspect. The composite was then distributed to the public, and within a matter of days, a tipster came forward with the name of a suspect. The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with the murder.

The success of this case highlights the importance of facial composite technology in solving crimes. Without the use of FACES, the police may have never been able to identify the suspect and bring him to justice.

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