Minneapolis, Minnesota is a city known for its vibrant culture and bustling downtown area. However, in recent years, it has also gained notoriety for a string of unsolved crimes. But thanks to the power of modern technology, one notorious case has finally been put to rest.

The crime in question occurred on a warm summer evening in the heart of the city. A young woman was brutally attacked and left for dead in an alleyway. Despite an intense investigation, leads were scarce and the perpetrator remained at large. That is until the Minneapolis Police Department turned to the latest in facial composite software, FACES.

FACES, or Facial Composite Software, is a cutting-edge program that allows investigators to create a composite image of a suspect based on eyewitness descriptions. By inputting various physical characteristics such as facial structure, eye shape, and hairstyle, FACES generates a highly detailed and accurate representation of the suspect.

In the case of the young woman's attack, the police were able to use FACES to generate a composite image of the perpetrator based on the eyewitness descriptions provided. This composite image was then distributed to the public, and within a matter of days, a tip came in identifying the suspect as a local man with a history of violent crime. He was arrested and later convicted of the attack.

The use of FACES in this case is a prime example of the power of modern technology in solving crimes. It is also a reminder of the importance of eyewitness descriptions in the investigation process. The composite image generated by FACES would not have been possible without the detailed accounts provided by the witnesses on the scene.

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As residents of Minneapolis, it is our duty to combat crime in our city. By staying informed and utilizing the latest technology, we can work together to make our community a safer place for all.