Dayton, Ohio has had its fair share of crime throughout the years, but one case in particular stood out for its complexity and the time it took to finally solve it. The case in question was a string of burglaries that had been occurring in the city for several months. Despite the best efforts of the police department, the perpetrator remained elusive. That was until the use of facial composite software, FACES, helped to finally bring the criminal to justice.

Facial composite software is a powerful tool that allows police officers to create a likeness of a suspect based on the descriptions given by witnesses. In the case of the Dayton burglaries, witnesses had been able to provide a basic description of the suspect, but they were unable to give a clear image of his face. This was where FACES came in.

Using the software, police officers were able to create a composite image of the suspect based on the information provided by witnesses. The composite image was then distributed to the public and within a matter of days, the suspect was identified and apprehended.

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