Anchorage, Alaska is no stranger to crime, but thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology, local law enforcement is able to solve cases that were once thought to be unsolvable. One such case was cracked open thanks to the use of a facial composite, created using The Facial Composite Software (FACES).

The FACES software is a powerful tool that allows police officers and detectives to create detailed images of suspects using a combination of facial features, including eyes, nose, mouth, and jawline. These images can then be distributed to the public in hopes of identifying the perpetrator.

In this particular case, the Anchorage Police Department was investigating a string of burglaries that had taken place in the city over the course of several months. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to find any leads or suspects. That was until they turned to the FACES software.

Using the software, the police created a composite image of the suspect based on eyewitness descriptions and other evidence. They then distributed the image to the public through social media and local news outlets. Within days, they received a tip from a member of the community that led them to the perpetrator.

The suspect was identified as a local man who had a history of committing similar crimes. He was arrested and charged with multiple counts of burglary. Without the use of the FACES software, it's likely that this case would have gone unsolved.

The power of facial composite software in solving crimes is undeniable. It's a valuable tool that can be used to identify suspects and bring closure to victims and their families. If you're interested in learning more about FACES and how it can be used in law enforcement, sign up for the certificate course on

In the fight against crime, every tool at our disposal is important. By learning about FACES and other advanced technologies, we can work together to make our communities safer.